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LoveRevolutionEPTerry Waggoner
Love | Revolution (EP)
2014 / 6 tracks / 24 minutes

On his second EP, Terry Waggoner pushes the boundaries of modern alt/pop to create a unique and memorable sound. Terry’s musical influences are broad, and it shows on “Love | Revolution”. The album opens with “Love Will Speak”, guitar-driven and heartfelt, and effortlessly shifts to the key and synth-driven “Love Divine”, a beautiful pop gem. “Finally (All Shall Be Well)” hearkens back to more familiar acoustical territory before the icy piano intro of the album’s best track, “Better”, leads into a blissful shimmer that recalls Gungor and Owl City. Terry has a very deliberate delivery, a careful pronunciation and inflection that adds to his eclectic sound. What’s more, he never conforms to musical cliche. None of his songs have the standard verse-bridge-chorus (repeat) structure, none erupt into a cataclysm of drama, none are overtly married to a single genre. Instead, Terry writes what is in his heart. His music is real. It’s reflective. And it’s alive.

Review by Jason Ramsey




Terry Waggoner

Terry Waggoner is a new kind of Christian, and new kind of Christian recording artist from Indianapolis, IN. Through his music and humanness, he seeks Love as hope and revolution. Since the 2013 release of his debut EP, “fringes // ep01,” he has been playing throughout the Midwest, bringing honesty and hopefulness through his music. Identifying with progressive/Emergence Christianity worldview, Terry is well-positioned to be a voice for the future of the faith. His music invites people to risk being fully alive, to embrace God’s love and mystery, and to join God in creating a better world.

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