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This is an encouraging forum for those finding their voice, and sharing a story within a Story. There is no hidden agenda or price for admission. This is art at its core, meant to invoke emotion and action.

Jay DePoy - Writer

So, here’s the thing. We creative folk need to belong. Sometimes, that’s in the flesh, something that’s in the spirit. Here’s a place with some spectacular earthy people — a virtual hangout, spirit connection. This is visionary work.

Lesley-Anne Evans - Author

This is a place where I feel at home. I’m inspired and I know my walk with God will be all the more beautiful as I read the writings from these courageous people. Thank you for letting me be a part of this family.

Mercy Wikaira - Writer

A super classy, inspiring website! I’m so impressed with the moving yet crafted work published.

Mary Langer Thompson - Author

ALTARWORK is an AMAZING Christian magazine!

Beckie Lindsey - Author

ALTARWORK is a space for diverse voices and expressions of faith and life. A safe place to do the dangerous, thrilling, and creative work of discovering ourselves.

Brian Niece - Writer

I love this community of artists, poets, and writers!

Tom Rundel - Pastor, Author

ALTARWORK is a safe place for creatives to celebrate their art and their faith. There is room for both, and what happens at the intersection of faith and art is beautiful and incredibly inspiring.

Steve Austin - Author, Entrepreneur

ALTARWORK is amazing! I love working with them!!!!!

Nehemiah Heckler - Hip Hop Artist

ALTARWORK is a great e-magazine for Christian writers, musicians, and artists. This art comes together in ministry no matter the Christian background, something I really appreciate.

Amanda Butler - Author

ALTARWORK is the best faith meets art meets world hangout.

Robert Rife - Writer, Musician

This group is a fantastic group for writers to network, post their work, makes new friends, and to pray for each other’s needs. The leader of the group is fantastic. They welcome you with arms wide open and warm hearts and hugs. Come join in on the fun. You’ll be glad that you did!

Allen Edwards - Writer