Thanksgiving Sonnet

Thanksgiving Sonnet

Thanksgiving Sonnet 150 150 Kelly Belmonte

The tipping point at year’s eleventh hour
I stop mid-rush to slice a piece of grace
and raise a glass to beneficent power.
Yet all this pausing keeps me from the chase

of things more lovely and things simply more.
I’m told I lack and so therefore I must buy
the overflow of someone else’s store.
Oh, for a barn that reaches to the sky!

So high my thoughts, yet staring at the floor
I see another world and wonder why
my world, so rich, so full, became so small.

In true thanksgiving, I must now adore
an empty barn, a heart that cannot fly,
and bleeding hands that hold my all in all.



Kelly Belmonte

Kelly Belmonte is a poet, blogger, and management consultant with expertise in nonprofit organizational development and youth mentoring. Kelly blogs from her site on poetry, writing, and creativity. Her poetry has been published in "Atlas Poetica" and "Relief Journal: A Christian Literary Expression." Kelly’s two chapbooks of poetry, "Three Ways of Searching" and "Spare Buttons," are available through Finishing Line Press.

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