The Cave of Adullam

The Cave of Adullam

The Cave of Adullam 1920 1280 Jody Thomae

this cave, my prison
this darkness, my entrapment
I cannot lie here, stay here, die here
here in my prison

wake up, oh heart
wake the dawn with your song
you must live, must beat, must give
give your heart

pray, oh spirit
pray to God are you there
I start to plead, I worship, I need
need to know you’re real

cry out, oh voice
cry for mercy with each sound
I begin to whisper, I speak, I shout
shout bring me out

live, oh soul
live for self and for others
I will have hope, have faith, have growth
growth to overcome
to live again
live again, oh soul


Jody Thomae

Jody Thomae is the author of God’s Creative Gift—Unleashing the Artist in You, an in-depth devotional Bible study written to nurture the creative spirit within and to serve as a resource for creative Christians and artists. She has been involved in worship arts ministry since 1997, serving as worship arts ministry pastor, worship leader and creative arts director. She performs, teaches, choreographs, preaches, coordinates and leads workshops in the area of creativity, spirituality and embodied prayer, and has coordinated artistic involvement in church and regional worship events through dance, drama, poetry and fine arts. She has also released a devotional album entitled Song of the Beloved, available through CD Baby and iTunes. Her passion is for the revelation of God to be made more real through the prophetic use of the arts in church and formational ministry. It is her desire to portray the message of Christ’s desperate and unfailing love for his people to help sustain the hearts of the broken and weary. She is currently writing her second Bible study focusing on the way God uses the arts and embodied practices to bring healing to his children.

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