The Christ Of Nazareth

The Christ Of Nazareth

The Christ Of Nazareth 150 150 Adrian Encomienda

Baby in the blessed manger
Where are your feet to tread?
Into the circles of danger
To fetch us our daily bread?
Haven’t trinkets of peace
I haven’t splendid health
But, the light in the manger breathes
For everyone but himself

Child in the chiseled temple
How wise you have become
It was you who held a candle
On the path devoid of sun
Rain from blackened clouds
We take with us to drink
Rejoice for it is written;
Blessed are the meek

Savior in the crowded square
The baby born to poor and meek
Mary Magdalene stands with her hair
anointing Christ’s feet
It is finished, is has been done
Atonement of the only Son
And out from death, the life became
To lead his people out from their graves


Adrian Encomienda

Adrian Encomienda was born in Phoenix, Arizona to a creative family whom raised him to love literature. His work has been published in print by poetry journals and through online literature journals. He first grew fond of literature after reading John Bunyan's "The Holy War".

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