There Are Verses

There Are Verses

There Are Verses 1920 1279 Peter C. Venable

There are verses we contemplate in awe.
When our Lord stood at mountain peak:

Prophet Elijah, Moses and the Law—
Both came to Him, began to speak.

Our Lord’s face appeared to shine like the sun;
His tunic changed as white as light.

Time seemed to stop, and before they were done
Peter, shaking with dreadful fright

Offered to build three grass-and-branch booths
When quickly a luminous cloud

Covered the three and spoke a weighty truth:
Listen to Him! a voice boomed loud.

“This, My Beloved Son. Listen to Him.”
I shut my laptop. Gaze outside—

Some cardinal perches on a barren limb,
His red crest tufted and crowned with pride.

The clouds are shades of gray, this winter’s day—
Soon fog will blot tonight’s moonrise.

I see the Lord’s face in shining array,
And I lean back to close my eyes.

Peter C. Venable

Peter Venable has written Christian poetry for over fifty years. He has been published in Ancient Paths, Time of Singing, Windhover, The Anglican Theological Journal, Apex Magazine, Kingdom Pen Magazine, and others. But poetry is merely a hobby; he volunteers at a prison camp, seniors’ rest home, food pantry, and is graced with a happy family and Yeshua.

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