This God’s Glory

This God’s Glory

This God’s Glory 150 150 Sherree Funk

Frothy peaks on sea green rollers
pushing ever
towards the shore
Frantic sea birds run for morsels,
east, then west, then
back for more

While I’m lulled in simple pleasure
by the ocean’s
crushing sound
Small white shells the size of nickels
dot the sloping
sugary ground

How the finite meets the heavens
farther than my
eyes can see
Grateful heart for this, God’s glory,
in front of me


Sherree Funk

I am Sherree G. Funk. I read more than I write. I love writing Bible studies for teens on characters from the Bible, like Lydia, Joshua, Ruth, Peter, and Hannah. Those Bible studies are available on my website: Other works include an Upper Room devotional and an in-progress non-fiction book. We split our time between Sewickley, Pennsylvania and New Orleans, Louisiana, depending on the weather. We have three grown children living as far away as they can get: Santa Barbara, CA; Portland, OR; and Alexandria, VA. We love them anyway.

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