This Is What We Do

This Is What We Do

This Is What We Do 150 150 Christina Hubbard

Peace passes without understanding
Right over heads of ant-like men and women,
Artists and accountants,
Engineers and exercise junkies,
Construction workers and stay-at-homers.
They go on worrying and working,
Always catching up, forever behind.
Their children, too, scramble
From dawn to dusk, backpacks jostling up and down
As they fly with shoelaces stringing behind.
(Mom stuffed a PB&J in his mouth,
A granola bar in her pocket.
All the while, running, as they do.)

They carry on without knowing
God is great,
The sky is blue,
God is good,
The grass is green.
Let us thank Him for our food,
Peace be still is all we need
To race and rage against the machine.


Christina Hubbard

Christina Hubbard is a poet who writes memoir. Her work has appeared at (in)courage and she recently hosted #write31days of Five Minute Free Writes. She loves helping spiritual creatives find courage and freedom to influence their world with honest, beautiful story. A wife and mom to two squirrelly kids who will change the world, Christina loves doing yoga on her sun-drenched deck and dreaming up roadtrips and overseas adventures. Find her at

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