“Music-Inspired Collection” – Paintings

“Music-Inspired Collection” – Paintings

“Music-Inspired Collection” – Paintings 3248 2448 Brandon Bagby

Artist: Brandon Bagby
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Mediums: Oil, palette knives on canvas


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Many know Brandon Bagby as the lead guitarist for Christian radio stalwart Audio Adrenaline. What many may not know, however, is that Brandon is a stunningly talented and accomplished artist as well. His art, primarily oil in nature, is a spectacular blend of New Orleans-inspired impressionism that exemplifies his love for music. Many of his pieces are commissioned, but offers several original and replicas at his website, www.brandonbagbyart.com. We are honored and excited to bring you a number of Brandon’s wildly unique pieces.


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Brandon Bagby

Brandon Bagby is a visual artist based in Nashville, TN. He is also an accomplished recording session musician as well as the lead guitarist for the 2-time Grammy Award winning group, Audio Adrenaline. Though Brandon has only been painting seriously since July 2009, he uses very mature impressionistic techniques through the use of palette knives. Most of Brandon’s art exemplifies his never-ending passion for music, though he is beginning to explore other avenues of subject matter in his art. In some of his works, you can definitely see an influence of New Orleans styled art. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise knowing the artist spent a portion of his life only sixty-four miles outside of The Big Easy. Brandon graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in December 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, focusing in Graphic Design. He said that, “while in college, I took only one painting class which was required for my curriculum. Sometimes I wish I would have studied more about painting, but then again, I wonder if I would be painting in a more restricted fashion.” You will find that Brandon piles on large amounts of paint with palette knives on large canvas panels. Photos alone do not bring an ounce of justice to the rich textures of this artist’s work. Brandon’s pieces are definitely a “must see” in person. Many clients say that photos just don’t do the work justice!

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