What It Really Takes To Believe

What It Really Takes To Believe

What It Really Takes To Believe 150 150 Becky Hastings

We toss around words like faith and believe easily lobbing them back and forth in some imaginary game. We play as if the only goal is to keep them up the air so we don’t have to do the one thing that matters.

I stood in church the other day singing words and whispering my amens to the music. Every word that was sung I knew to be true. And I did exactly what I was supposed to do: praise God.

Yet, as I sang my gaze would drift. I’d look at the worship leader and think, wow, she’s got great hair. I wish my hair was like that. And I’d sing more.

Look at that family. They’re all so perfectly dressed. I could barely get my kids here today. And I’d still sing.

Oh, that dress looks so pretty on her. I wish I was thinner and I could wear that dress. And I’d sing.

My mouth and my mind were declaring the goodness and faithfulness of God, yet my heart was divided. I had found a way to compartmentalize my faith, what I believe, and apply it to situations as I see fit.

When I thought about salvation — full faith.

Creation — faith.

God is always with youyes and amen.

I’m great at believing the big things. I can declare God’s truth and love for everyone else.

But then there’s me.

I am beautiful — well, ummm…..God says so, so I guess, maybe.

God is always with me — sure. I think so.

Nothing I do will ever make God stop loving me — right. I mean that’s what He says, but….

When it comes to believing for me, well, that’s a different story. It’s easy to have faith for other people. To believe good things for them. To believe good things about God. But we know ourselves too well to believe it could all be true for us. We see our nakedness and feel shame. We walk around like Adam and Eve trying to cover up the messy parts of ourselves because we think we can hide them from God and maybe then He will love us. We simply do not believe that a perfect, all-knowing God could love the imperfect, all-human us.

And that’s where we have a choice.

Faith has a snowball effect. When we choose to believe one little truth about who God says we are it becomes easier to believe another, and another. If we keep believing the little things, eventually we will believe the big things.

How do you start believing? How to do you find faith to believe all the hard things? You only have to do one thing today: choose.

You have to choose to believe one truth. Choose to have faith in one promise of God. Is it easy? Nope. But choosing one small thing can be the beginning of great things. You may not feel it. It may feel awkward. Do it anyway.

It’s time we stop tossing faith and belief around and start grabbing hold of them.


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Becky believes in embracing grace in the messy real of life. At My Ink Dance, she captures hard, uncomfortable, often unspoken feelings and brings light, honesty and God’s truth to them in a relatable way. Becky is a wife and mother of three in Connecticut writing imperfect and finding faith along the way. Read more from Becky at www.myinkdance.com.

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