Wildlife – Photography

Wildlife – Photography

2502 1668 Richard Civico
richard-civicoArtist: Richard Civico
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Medium: Photography
Lens: Canon 30D, NikonD40, Nikon D2x
Film Locations: Montreal and surrounding areas





Richard Civico

I am inspired by the awesome beauty of the world and the simple wonders of nature. God's beautiful creation is everywhere but many of us take it for granted and don't really see it. In searching for beautiful scenes, we often convince ourselves that 'beauty' is somewhere else - 'over there'. I love to explore the world around me searching for beauty in places close to home. I try to capture moments in time, small pieces of the amazing world around us and make it available to others to enjoy and appreciate. I also enjoy manipulating an image on my computer, much like a painter uses a brush, combining and enhancing to create something new.

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