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CREATIVE NON-FICTION, Creative Writing, Spill My Soul

Rain pounds down, relentless. I pack up my suitcase for another long weekend away. Supposedly, storms bring newness, refreshing and renewal. Everything still seems to be the same. I had thought by now I’d have more solid answers to this…

The Girl With Hazel Eyes

Creative Writing, POETRY

Where has she gone? That young girl from so long ago. The memory eludes me like a cloud covering over the sun. She had dark hair and large hazel eyes. Those eyes that saw the world as an adventure to…

I’m Glad You Came Today

Creative Writing, POETRY

There she sits; staring out the window, Tranquil like the snow that falls outside. Her back is to me, Draped in a pale blue gown, White hair standing on end. I approach unnoticed, Sitting on the bed beside her. It…

Unlikely Heroes


In the cover of darkest night, the old man weeps. Alone, he cries until no more tears will come, and still the sobs torment his body. The time was when he couldn’t shed a single tear. When very little seemed…

The Enchanted Doorknob

Creative Writing, FICTION

The doorknob is an overlooked wielder of magical wonder, which from strangers secures intimate secrets and mystery but to guests and those noble enough for a key opens to a world of adventures and dreams. Whether one passes within or without, it matters not, for…

Reservations For Guilt Trips


“Any fun trips planned this year?” The question scoots around our family gatherings, outings with friends, and the office Keurig. We hope to “o-o-h and a-h-h” our listeners with fascinating details. Trips. A planned or spontaneous travel schedule. Favorite vacation…

The Debt

Creative Writing

Imagine for a moment you owe a great debt. In your youth you are taught that to repay this debt you have to climb a mountain every day and drop your money into the bucket held by the banker.  Now…

Finding Freedom In The Real Treasure

Creative Writing

Once upon a time there was a treasure chest.  It was a beautiful treasure chest, lovingly molded by the creator and placed in an inner room.  It had graceful lines and a lock with a key uniquely made. In the…


Hand-Selected For You

Tears In Heaven

  Editor’s note: This story is inspired by true events from the author’s hometown in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, but is fictitious by nature. It contains mature themes and some strong language. Reader discretion is advised.   2013 On the evening...

How To Love The Sinner & Hate The Sin

  How to Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin 5 Easy Steps  1. Make sure the sinner knows how you feel about their lifestyle choices. Silence is considered tacit approval. Seize every opportunity to remind them your god says they are going to hell. Don’t be fooled into...