A New Year’s Lament

A New Year’s Lament

A New Year’s Lament 1920 1032 Kelly Belmonte

I mourn the way we once marked passages
by distance rather than time, how we
measured miles instead of minutes,
felt the fleeting nature of our very selves
instead of seconds.

Now the calendar is a compass,
folding distance with a stop watch,
marking the New Year as a new born,
making sunrise inferior
to the alarm clock.

No offense to the day or year,
but I fear we become less real
the more we wait for a date
to stop, to start,
to live.

Kelly Belmonte

Kelly Belmonte is a poet, blogger, and management consultant with expertise in nonprofit organizational development and youth mentoring. Kelly blogs from her site allninemuses.wordpress.com on poetry, writing, and creativity. Her poetry has been published in "Atlas Poetica" and "Relief Journal: A Christian Literary Expression." Kelly’s two chapbooks of poetry, "Three Ways of Searching" and "Spare Buttons," are available through Finishing Line Press.

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