A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant

A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant

A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant 960 638 Tadhg Jonathan

When the bitter winds blow,
and the rain pours onto the soul of your life.
When you stumble and fall,
and when tears well up inside, but find no release.
When friends and family are afar,
and those night-hours of abject loneliness seem altogether too close.
When bones ache,
and the future uncertain seems.
Then, may the Divine’s pure radiance pierce your darkest times,
and a spectrum of light fill your heart of hearts,
and show you, as a beacon, the narrow, sure way.

When thoughts race, and won’t be still,
and lightning rages in your mind, disturbing you.
When things seem to go awry, or indeed, when things seem to go right
but there’s an air of disquiet in your inner being.
Then, may He come to you. (He comes in the storm.)

May the Father bless you with His Divine quietness and solitude. Total stillness.
May the Son shine into the totality of your unique self. Perfect brilliance.
May the Spirit, the Divine breath, whisper into your ear that you are a much loved child of God, the apple of His eye. Unconditional grace.

And may you, wherever you find yourself, experience the ‘thin place’ of God’s inestimable presence.


Tadhg Jonathan

Tadhg hails from the wilds of Capel Curig in north Wales, and describes himself as a mature Celt with a sense of humour. He's an Anamcara, has a wealth of experience of all things Celtic, 'thin places', and of the myth and 'magic' that inhabits the land of Cymru. He's a graduate of the London School of Theology, and spends much of his his time now writing spiritual prose, poetry, ritual and liturgy, officiating as a Ceremonialist, leading workshops (and some one-to-one work) on the theme of liminality, authenticity and growth and maturity. He is profoundly interested in people, nature, the environment and whatever else is out there! He is an avid reader, loves to frequent cafes with friends (old, new and potential ones, so do say 'hi'), loves the great outdoors and those wilderness places, is an amateur astronomer, and, yes, it's true...he loves Marmite.

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