An Ode To The Almighty

An Ode To The Almighty

An Ode To The Almighty 150 150 Sofia Rossi

I turned my head
and You were there
like a shining, impossible tower
standing on nothing yet holding
everything up by Your unmeasured Grace

I went into Your chamber and slept there
finally at home to say that I am lost
yet with You I will find and lose again
and find and lose again forever in glee
for You teach how to make right what is wrong
and even in unbearable sadness still Your
answer is there, the eternal answer
To the eternal question of this wretched place

How may I go on, I say
and You turn me upside down on my head
and show me the way, the narrow, slight way
across endless thickets that seemed impossible
to penetrate; yet they all bow before You

Even the demons must bow before You
Though they do not wish to
and their magic is nothing against You
as men fall so easily to their vanishing lies
so they are lifted so greatly by Your truth
and all that seemed unconquerable or deadly
becomes hopeful when You are there
all the darkness seems queerly shining
all the madness seems strangely sane
and even though we suffer it’s not just the same
but renewed we worship and in your Grace we grow
to think unthinkable things and find unfindable answers

Like day miraculously breaks forth after so many hours
of moon and cold chills and endless unanswered pleas
so then You come heralding the vision of newness
to those that cling steadfast to your bosom in distress
though their strength is dim and their doubt strong

We may fail a thousand times but in You
we can walk again as though we had never fallen

We may say things we do not know in order
to gain satisfactions we grow to regret
but in You our words are carried by lightness
and simply we say things that are beyond us
So that through us the world is changed

We may despair and at all obstacles cower
like children or animals afraid of storms
but in You we find ourselves walking
into the heart of the beast, trembling but
faithful, surprised of our own hands
as they work tirelessly in the face of
murderous tyrants and desolate lands of sin

With You doors are opened that we could not
dream of when yet we rattled our brains
to find solutions to the paradoxes of life
now we live in You and rejoice in paradox
we laugh and cry and work and eat our bread
And wake up every day to do it all again

Sofia Rossi

I've been writing since I was a little girl. I'm now 24 and a lot has changed, but I write more than ever. My recent and intense conversion to Christianity has brought a new inspiration to write, to fill my pages with testimony and love for Him.

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