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Glen Wilson


Dandelion 150 150 Glen Wilson

  The stem holds up its fragile cargo, these his children are ready for release. Before they go out he must give himself, He eviscerates himself in order to spread.…

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At the altar rail

At the altar rail 150 150 Glen Wilson

  We slowly edged forward, some were troubled by the two marble steps but still ascended, The tall man bent on a cane, the hooded teenager The old woman who…

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Kingdom 150 150 Glen Wilson

  If you look you can see it, breaking through the cracks, the one coin that drops into an outstretched hand amidst the jingle jangle of full pockets. The hand…

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The Trees

The Trees 150 150 Glen Wilson

  Three shadows on the hill from one the sap runs red, Pierced water pours and spreads and the gnarled roots, have their fill The bough supports its thicket crown,…

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