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JJ Landis

Life Must Be Lived

1920 1280 JJ Landis

I found our kitty curled up sound asleep, nestled in a pile of blankets on the bed early this morning. So I let her be, and the bed remained unmade.…

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Who is blessed?

1920 1384 JJ Landis

In an orphanage in Jamaica, I spoon fed a teenager. White rice and sauce with meat. She didn’t make eye contact with me or anyone. The dust from the parched…

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Breathe Deep

1920 1434 JJ Landis

Scratchy throat. Headache. Cough. The strain of each cough intensified my sore head. I wanted to stay in bed all day. It was a rainy, cool morning that followed a relentless…

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Roots and My Ravenous Heart

1920 1440 JJ Landis

Unloved. Useless. These words are buried deep.   The seeds were sprinkled by adults when my heart was fertile. But it was me who cultivated. I watered and tended. What…

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How I know I’m a good mom

2165 1453 JJ Landis

Just like the night before, on my pillow was a love letter written on a hot pink, flower-shaped sticky note: “You are amazing, outstanding, awesome, unbelievable, perfect. These are barely anything…

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Love makes space

1920 1266 JJ Landis

A friend of mine hangs out on a street corner each weekday morning, with her grandsons and other kids waiting for school buses. Some of the children lack decent housing because their…

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Not living

1280 853 JJ Landis

A few weeks ago, I ran outside at my teenage daughter’s urging to see a brilliant rainbow. We both snapped several photos with our phones. When I asked if she…

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Nine suggestions for when you’re NOT on a mountaintop

1280 853 JJ Landis

Maybe it’s because I have been sick for a week now that I feel like I’m in a rut. It very well could be the cough medicine and general delirium…

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What if we resolved to quit trying to change?

1280 850 JJ Landis

Call me a curmudgeon, but I don’t always enjoy New Year’s Eve. I can stay up until midnight with the best of them, but when it’s obligatory, I feel my…

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Humble extravagance

1280 853 JJ Landis

I am in the midst of wrapping Christmas gifts for my kids. I’m trying to save the earth and some money by using newspaper instead of official holiday wrapping paper.…

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1280 829 JJ Landis

My daughter has a book called My Giant Story Book. Among classics like Cinderella and The Elves and the Shoemaker sits a story I had not heard before. The Little…

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The darkness of the season

1280 851 JJ Landis

October falls into our lives every year. People bemoan the end of summer. “October already!” they say. “I can’t believe it. Where did summer go?” We are repeatedly amazed that…

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