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Look now, the hidden road 1920 1271 Robert Alan Rife

Look now, the hidden road

Look now, the hidden road denies these footsteps their certainty, unsure though they wend, through what little solid soil succumbs to plodding, silent shoe-footfall. Forward…

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First Day 1920 1280 Jeremy Lane

First Day

The alarm on the window sill begins to fade in and you slowly come to life and roll onto your back. You didn’t sleep well,…

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Look now, the blessed road 1920 1271 Robert Alan Rife

Look now, the blessed road

Look now, the bless-ed road rises to meet feet, weary, uncertain, but sure of steps yet untaken that, parting, greet a step, one step, from…

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A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant 960 638 Tadhg Jonathan

A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant

When the bitter winds blow, and the rain pours onto the soul of your life. When you stumble and fall, and when tears well up…

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Every Day 1920 1280 Jeremy Lane

Every Day

The truth is, the sun will rise one morning somewhere in the future and before it sets you will have taken your last breath as…

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4:30 a.m. 1920 1213 Jeremy Lane

4:30 a.m.

It’s 4:30 AM. Somewhere a baby is sleeping. Somewhere a single mother is lying awake, asking God how she’s going to pay the rent. Somewhere…

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A New Year’s Lament 1920 1032 Kelly Belmonte

A New Year’s Lament

I mourn the way we once marked passages by distance rather than time, how we measured miles instead of minutes, felt the fleeting nature of…

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One Big Happy 1920 1440 Kelly Belmonte

One Big Happy

Christians who drink Christians who get drunk Christians who talk about Christians who drink while sipping Constant Comment Christians who wear ripped jeans to church…

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Lament of Water 1920 1285 Lesley-Anne Evans

Lament of Water

Snow again this morning after several days of deep freeze. Slow flakes freed from heaven lay down at earth’s feet. So much emptying.    …

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Quiet 1260 709 Jeremy Lane


It’s funny to see them moving around, half-asleep and murmuring, because you so rarely get to during the week. They pull their clothes on and…

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So, What Now? 1920 1279 Robert Alan Rife

So, What Now?

Recently, I spent words lamenting my egregious fall from grace. It was egregious in the sense that I had all the tools at my disposal…

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How A Dry Drunk Dries Out 1920 1280 Robert Alan Rife

How A Dry Drunk Dries Out

Alcoholism is a persistent talker. It’s a playground bully, unsatisfied unless fists are drawn and blood flows. The drunken uncle whose continuous taunts to pull…

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The Difference a Year Makes 1685 1071 Robert Alan Rife

The Difference a Year Makes

(Disclaimer: contains mature language and themes.) This time last year, my wife and I were photo-whoring and shaking fairy dust out of our heads. We…

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The Wind Blows Where It Wishes 1920 1280 Tadhg Jonathan

The Wind Blows Where It Wishes

I was recently fortunate enough to spend some time on the Isle of Iona. Here’s one reflection as I look back: I’m on the beach,…

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Sounds Of Redemption 1920 1301 D.S. Martin

Sounds Of Redemption

The scraping of old paint from furniture stripping it down to a grain of truth  The mashing of over-ripe bananas to be baked into muffins…

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Simon The Zealot 1920 1280 D.S. Martin

Simon The Zealot

When I was a child in my father’s home before I was presented at the temple in the days when Joazar the priest would have sold…

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Jude 1920 1280 D.S. Martin


How horrid to live with a tainted name to be so easily confused   with one who sold your Lord Who could blame you   Jude…

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Headlong Into Light 1920 1276 Jason Ramsey

Headlong Into Light

In your eyes I see a paradigm shift. Days that grew into years – arid soil for budding stems – a backward blossom from futility:…

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Mary Of Bethany 1920 1281 D.S. Martin

Mary Of Bethany

Some women are blessed with words I have eloquent tears   My sister weaves her expectations into reasonable structures that rise higher than the temple…

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Sweet Light of Life 2791 1873 Sarah Rennicke

Sweet Light of Life

You saw it all. You watched it unfold, the tiny corners of my heart begin to fall. You even coaxed me to trust You with…

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