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1920 1285 Sarah Rennicke


We are all meant to be. Someone. Something. A flash of light through thick, syrupy darkness. We have been fastened together by dreams and shapes…

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1920 1280 Stephanie Thompson

Why I Find Comfort Walking In Peter’s Footprints

I can hear the voice beckoning me forward. By all Heavenly accounts, I have nothing to fear. Have I forgotten the miracles Jesus has performed…

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1920 1280 Sarah Rennicke

Peculiar Road

Peculiar. It is peculiar, how this faith thing works. How in the middle of a hurricane comes a calm. How the twisted turns of life…

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2126 1408 Kaitlin Curtice

When We Pray For Dying Children

Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I got up to walk around the house for a few minutes before getting back into bed. I could…

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150 150 Robert Rife

After London

She grabbed my hand – caught, like a tufted grove of hazy branches – there were promises unspoken. The full English – an edible morning…

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1920 1281 Sarah Rennicke

Come To You

You tell me to come to You. Me, worn and weary, fall into You, and You will give me rest. Just come to You. Simple.…

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275 183 Robert Rife

From The Poet’s Ready Pen

From the poet’s ready pen comes the yawning stillness, leaking out from linen thoughts, stretched tight upon the hungry loom. How dear these words come, dear…

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1920 1285 Mary Langer Thompson

Rolling The Stone Away

Five men, a jack, and a dolly are all it takes to lift the monumental block of Thou Shalt Nots, to wheel it away. But…

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640 640 Robert Rife

Toward a Rule – Eschewing Truancy

In early November of 2016, I participated in a class toward my ordination entitled “Vocational Excellence.” This is part 4 of the paper I submitted, aimed…

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