Let No Stone

Let No Stone

Let No Stone 1600 1215 Don McCaleb


Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty
The whole Earth is full of his glory.

I don’t want to fake it.
If it’s about song, I don’t want to play it.
If it’s about tradition, I don’t want to date it.
If it’s about talent, I don’t want to rate it
If it’s about words, I don’t want to say it.

See I’ve lived too long in this place
where I prefer my own version of worship.
Like some fragile, beautiful thing I captured to pull off its wings,
I twisted and turned it, dissected and learned it,
‘til in my rush to control it, I caged it and crushed it.

Let worship tonight be the seed
that was thrown down, alone, and trampled
in the narrow cracks of stone-cold ground.
Let it take root and grow hope wherever You are found.

I believe your presence can permeate this place.
As our voices resonate, will you orchestrate
the symphony that both captivates and sets us free?
Like a playlist mix, dedicated from the bride to her groom,
serenading His radiant gaze,
she’s no longer afraid
as the veil that separates
is gently lifted away
for the kiss that consecrates.

I received the engraved invitation
to this wedding celebration of your grace.
I come to the entrance and crack the door,
peering in from the darkness, entranced,
I can hear the music play
as the once enslaved, now embrace
in the dance of the saved.

But in the past, fearing my own shame
I’ve let the chance slip by and turned away.
Might this Winter’s night finally be the time
that this soul surrenders the isolation of the dark
to enter Your shining chandelier-light
and join the tender promenade?

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty
The whole Earth is full of his glory.

You say, “Come,” to all us hopeless and homeless ones,
the begging sons and daughters, the profiteer and prostitute,
the prisoner and the prodigal.
Despite of what we thought of You,
You brought us to the place where frozen hearts thaw for You.

Your name is matchless.
You strike the match that sparks the flame
that catches our hearts and ignites this blaze,
that sets fire to inspire us to give light to the dark,
living lives that burn for Your name.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!
Let voices resound
tonight with the sound
of the saved.
Let no stones take our place,
as this chorus of Your redeemed calls out to our king:

Holy, holy, holy is the lord God Almighty
The whole Earth is full of your glory. 

Videography: Jim Kallemeyn & Wes Broadhurst
Music: Papercandle


All Content © Don McCaleb 2010-2014. All Rights Reserved.

Don McCaleb

Don is rapidly gaining recognition as a poet with an original voice and a powerful message. Through live performances and video, his poetry has sparked worship gatherings and conferences around the USA, as well is in England, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Ireland and more. Don has delivered his words live at festivals 30,000 people in attendance, but he’s just as glad to share in a quiet local church worship service. When he's not writing rhymes, Don is the Worship Arts Director at Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs. The church is known for theological depth, inspired artistry, and serving those in need. He also creates, tells stories and asks questions through a variety of media. From video scripts and direction to digital art, Don is always seeking to draw people into the deeper, eternal story. His poetry videos feature the work of team members including videographer Jim Kallemeyn and VJ Liz Jarocki.

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