Stuff 150 150 Don McCaleb

I got stuff.
Good stuff.  Happy stuff.
Successful, sensational, recreational, relaxational stuff.
And you can’t take my stuff.
My stuff is the needle that drops to the vinyl
to start the party and spin the spiral.

My stuff immediately, impressively, incessantly
illuminates my import,
and my stuff is loud.
It commands respect and you can’t neglect
when my stuff says, “I have arrived,
And this is what I ‘m all about!”
My stuff identifies me.
And I   identify   with my   stuff.
You can’t handle my stuff!
My stuff is the needle that tattoos my skin,
signifying the significance of who I am.

I got stuff.
Stuff from my past…
that follows me around
like some run-down evangelist-carnival caravan
that keeps coming to town.
In the amusement-park dark
swaggering saints from the shadows
shout my shattered story,
selling sacred success-souvenirs and seductive soul-sideshows.
Their slanted slogans solicit me, slander me, compel me. Tell me
fortunes I regret that I can’t forget.
And seeking grace I surrender to the stuff-spell,
but it conjures no confession, no communion…
just a constant carousel of clamor
that casts out the quiet and the questions,
So I don’t have to hear my heart

My stuff is a Ferris wheel that takes me up to the top
and drops me right back down again.
But after a while I twist and I spin,
and I want off,  but the ride never stops.

I got stuff.
Right now, my stuff is an elevator straight to the penthouse floor!
But sometimes,   no matter what number I push,
I can’t seem to open the door.
You can’t handle my stuff.
My stuff is the needle that injects my vein,
and it’s warm like a fever and it spreads like a stain
and it itches, and I scratch, and I dig
’til it burns like a blaze.
But all I have in my hands is gasoline,
and I can’t stop the flame.

I got stuff.
You can’t handle my stuff.
You can’t take my stuff.
Can You? Take my stuff?

Video Credits:
Voice recording and original music: Nate Jones
Typography and design: Bill Roberson
Video editing and animation: Math Shrimplin
Video direction: Jim Kallemeyn
Poem and voice: Don McCaleb
All Content © Don McCaleb 2010-2014. All Rights Reserved.


Don McCaleb

Don is rapidly gaining recognition as a poet with an original voice and a powerful message. Through live performances and video, his poetry has sparked worship gatherings and conferences around the USA, as well is in England, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Ireland and more. Don has delivered his words live at festivals 30,000 people in attendance, but he’s just as glad to share in a quiet local church worship service. When he's not writing rhymes, Don is the Worship Arts Director at Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs. The church is known for theological depth, inspired artistry, and serving those in need. He also creates, tells stories and asks questions through a variety of media. From video scripts and direction to digital art, Don is always seeking to draw people into the deeper, eternal story. His poetry videos feature the work of team members including videographer Jim Kallemeyn and VJ Liz Jarocki.

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