Headlong Into Light

Headlong Into Light

Headlong Into Light 1920 1276 Jason Ramsey

In your eyes I see a paradigm shift.
Days that grew into years – arid soil
for budding stems – a backward
blossom from futility: coarse entrails,
crows feet, edges sallow from hard
stares, rapt with a fire that once
safeguarded suns. You weep without
tears, beckon without words, cough
dirt from black lungs — measures of a
man whose pride befell brawn, whose
calloused hands roughened with each
shake, whose embrace anchored arks
and buoyed feet with unfettered grace.
In your eyes I see myself, wild with
desire, lost in reverie, akin to flames
that flicker yet never fade. You lie still,
your body hollow beneath heaves, your
soul like driftwood ashore, a fractured
shelter gleaning headlong into light.


(For my grandpa, who has recently passed on.)


Jason Ramsey

Jason Ramsey is the founder and executive director of ALTARWORK and Amity Coalition. He's married with five kids - including two sets of twins - and walks the tightrope of family, job, and ministry with both eagerness and unease. He gravitates towards mental health advocacy, social and religious equality, hard-life fiction, classical liturgy, modern worship, the Detroit Tigers, and all things Michigan State University. His writing has been featured at Patheos, Venn Magazine, The Mudroom, and The Bees Are Dead, among others. Connect with him below!

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