The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox 150 150 Michael Thompson

“Don’t forget your lunch!”

Good thing his mother hollered that reminder. The boy was so excited he’d nearly taken off without it.

Little did he know when he grabbed it and ran like a thief out the door what the day would hold for that lunchbox.

This was a day of big adventure. He was finally going to see something he’d only heard hints of from the others who had been there.

Nothing sparks the imagination like the whispered tales of the unimaginable.

So he ran down the dusty path to catch up with the crowd on their way to watch the world change.

His mind was racing even faster than his feet. Spinning through his thoughts were vivid images of…

  • a blind man frantically blinking as light poured into his eyes for the first time
  • a paralyzed man wildly dancing a spontaneous jig
  • a frail old woman in full pirouette like a ballerina
  • a mentally ill prisoner peacefully telling everyone everything was different now

His precocious young heart wanted to see pigs running off a cliff, thunderstorms silenced like whipped pups and fig trees shriveling with the speed of a time-lapsed video.

He couldn’t believe he’d get the chance to watch a deaf man hear his first words or a mute woman sing her first tune.

Big things sped through the boy’s hyperactive mind as he pushed through the crowd to get a good seat.

You see he was on his way to find Jesus…and oh the stories he had heard.

This tanned, rugged Rabbi didn’t disappoint either. A long day was filled with impressive miracles and imaginative stories.

There was something so special about this Man.

It didn’t matter if He was engaging demons, infuriating stuffy religious guys or embracing little children. This youngster had never seen anything like it.

And after he did, nothing would ever be the same.

The hours dragged on even as time flew by. For the first time in his life the boy simply forgot to eat. That’s when it happened.

The guys who were always around Jesus were having a serious conversation with Him. Like little boys are wont to do, he got close enough to eavesdrop.

It seemed Jesus was worried that all this huge crowd of people were hungry. He was pressing His disciples to feed them. They were fervently urging Him to send the people away to find food.

Evidently the disciples thought the problem too big for Jesus.

That’s when Jesus asked the question…the question that altered the boy’s life forever.

“Do you guys have any food?”

For the second time that day the boy remembered his lunchbox.

He could hardly believe he found himself tugging on the robe one of the big guys. “I brought a lunchbox…He can have it.”

When they inspected its contents they found five small bread rolls and two dried fish.

Jesus smiled at the boy as He tousled his hair, “That is just enough!”

Like an efficient catering company, the disciples organized the big crowd into groups for a picnic they would never forget.

Jesus said grace and then the boy watched in wonder as the Galilean emptied his lunchbox to fill every belly in that massive crowd. The disciples even came back with enough leftovers for each of them to have a doggy bag.

As he headed home that evening, he kept reliving the unbelievable events of the day. He really had never seen it coming when he nearly forgot his lunch.

He could never have dreamed that his little snack when offered to Jesus, would be the difference between starving and feasting for so many people.

That day transformed the way he looked at everything.

Even his lunchbox.

Thoughts on John 6:1-13


Michael Thompson

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