Staring At The Sky

Staring At The Sky

Staring At The Sky 1600 1600 Lynn Cifuentes

Glorious Indie Pop

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Staring At The Sky (EP)
2014 / 5 Tracks / 17 minutes
Crowd funding does marvelous things. Without it, so much great music would never see the light of day. “Staring At The Sky”, Lynn Cifuentes’ debut EP, is full of such music. Lynn has a beautiful voice – both earthy and ethereal – and it’s hard to believe that this is her first record. The production quality is excellent, the songwriting is smart, and the whole thing has the aura of a seasoned veteran.
“Staring At The Sky” combines elements of 90s dream pop and contemporary pop/rock into a fresh sound. The album opens with “To Lift You High”, a lilting piece of saccharine with a wonderful chorus. The title track hearkens back to the 90s dream pop movement. “Over Us” is a beautiful song about God’s unrelenting protection as He watches us from above. And the closer, “I Love You”, is a stirring love song describing our love to and from Jesus. This is a mature record fueled with passion and grace. “Staring At The Sky” is pure pop bliss.
Review by Jason Ramsey

Lynn Cifuentes

“Staring at the Sky” is the product of that passion and was only brought together by the grace of God. It is our sincere hope that through listening to this record you can connect with the King of Kings and find peace, love, and joy in His presence. There is nothing sweeter in this world than worshipping the most High God, that is what “Staring at the Sky” is all about.

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