We Won’t Waver

We Won’t Waver

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02_when_the_sky_falls-mp3-imageMatt Price
We Won’t Waver (EP)
2013 / 7 tracks / 27 minutes

Matt Price has the stuff of stars. He writes epic pop/rock that is destined for arena crowds. Each of his songs are anthems. Catchy, crystal clear, energetic, and uplifting. Matt is currently being marketed as an “affordable” CCM artist. Catch him while he is, then, because he will quickly climb as he already ranks with the best of them. Book him for your church while you still can — soon he’ll be long gone to bigger venues.

CCM recording artist Matt Price knows how to construct a pop song. A really good pop song. Matt’s sound would be at home on any Christian radio station, and, frankly, should be. “We Won’t Waver”, Matt’s debut EP, abounds with energetic tracks designed and destined for arena crowds. From blistering guitars of power-pop anthem “The One We Want Tonight” to emotional ballads “Our Great Healer” and “Heaven And Earth”, Matt’s catchy melodies soar to emotional heights. The album’s best track, “Let Your Life Flow”, was inspired by Matt’s experience at a Michael W. Smith concert. It’s a worthy homage, to be sure. “Let Your Life Flow” is an earnest rocker (“You speak so clearly/I can feel desire burning like a fire within me”) that speeds up and slows down with perfect balance. It’s also hypnotically catchy. Really catchy. Just like every song on the album. And it’s the depth of the melodies, the electricity, that makes “We Won’t Waver” shine above much of stock Christian radio. Even “One Life” and “God Who Saves”, with its straightforward title and message (“You’re the God who saves/You’re the God who reigns/High above all things/There is power in Your name”), although packaged as ballads, have driving bass lines and thunderous drums that kick them up several notches to anthem status. And that’s the common denominator with Matt. His songs are big. Unabashedly big, smart, deep, and impeccably performed. We are honored to have Matt as part of the ALTARWORK family of artists.


Matt Price

For Singer/Songwriter Matt Price, there is nothing that makes him more alive than creating music. Songs have been stirring in his heart since before he can remember. “There is a video tape of me at age six dancing like a wild man and singing at the top of my lungs to Billy Joel’s ‘The River of Dreams’. That is one of the earliest musical memories that has stuck with me through the years,” said Matt. In 2003, he experienced a profound moment that changed the course of his life. “When I was a sophomore in high school, I had an experience with God that was a pivotal, life changing moment for me. Michael W. Smith had released a Worship DVD of a live concert in Alberta, Canada, and I will never forget the night that I watched it. I was blown away at the presence of God in that place and Michael’s ability to let it flow through him; it was so powerful that people were literally weeping and worshipping like I had never seen before. I was so moved and touched, and I knew from that moment on that I wanted to make music that would impact others deeply. I knew that God was calling me to ministry,” said Matt. Over the past year, he has worked on fine tuning his writing skills, working with esteemed CCM veteran Cindy Wilt Colville (Jason Ingram, Building 429, Matthew West). He has also had the opportunity to play keys for artists such as Newsong and Francesca Battistelli.

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