Remember 150 150 Nehemiah

THIS IS HOW LEGACIES ARE BORN Nehemiah Remember (Mixtape) 2015 / 6 Tracks / 19 minutes The Christian hip hop scene is more vibrant than it has ever been. Artists…

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Second To None

Second To None 150 150 augustus

A SONIC HEAVEN FOR THE PRAYERFUL  Augustus Second To None 2015 / 10 Tracks / 53 minutes “Second To None”, the first full-length from Tennessee worship band Augustus, is a…

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Dreamer 150 150 Damon Jones

HYPNOTIC MINIMALIST FOLK Damon Jones Dreamer EP 2014 / 4 Tracks / 17 minutes Damon Jones’ brand of folk is a sparse one. A self-professed minimalist, Damon’s songs rely heavily…

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The November Man

The November Man 360 360 Robby John

FRESH, BROODING HIP HOP AND REGGAE The November Man EP 2015 / 7 Tracks / 25 minutes   Robby John’s debut EP, “The November Man”, weaves tales of struggles with…

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Light Of The Future

Light Of The Future 150 150 Driven 11

DRIVING, CATCHY MODERN ROCK Driven 11 Light Of The Future 2015 / 4 Tracks / 14 minutes I’ll never understand how certain bands get record deals and others don’t. So many…

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Break These Walls Down

Break These Walls Down 1600 1600 Mitch Langley

CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP AT ITS FINEST Break These Walls Down 2015 / 10 Tracks / 42 minutes “Break These Walls Down”, Mitch Langley’s third album, is a modern praise album that fits…

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Just A Little Bit Longer

Just A Little Bit Longer 150 150 Amick Cutler

THE WORSHIP ALBUM OF 2014   Amick Cutler Just A Little Bit Longer 2014 / 8 Tracks / 56 minutes You know the feeling. Something new. It could be a…

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Staring At The Sky

Staring At The Sky 1600 1600 Lynn Cifuentes

Glorious Indie Pop Lynn Cifuentes Staring At The Sky (EP) 2014 / 5 Tracks / 17 minutes Crowd funding does marvelous things. Without it, so much great music would never…

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Heart Of Savannah

Heart Of Savannah 150 150 Chosen

POWERHOUSE GOSPEL RAP Chosen Heart of Savannah 2014 / 14 tracks/ 52 minutes Gospel rap has come a long way in recent years. Like other genres, Christians have found a…

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The Sunhill Sessions

The Sunhill Sessions 1600 1600 Dust & Daisies

HEARTLAND BLUES-ROCK FOR THE HOPEFUL Dust & Daisies The Sunhill Sessions 2014 / 10 tracks / 45 minutes Dust & Daisies defy all logical convention with regards to Christian music.…

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Dust & Clay

Dust & Clay 960 960 Weston Skaggs

MIDWESTERN INDIE/FOLK WITH FIRE IN ITS BONES   Weston Skaggs Dust & Clay 2014 / 5 tracks / 23 minutes “Dust & Clay”, the first EP from Ohioan Weston Skaggs,…

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Love | Revolution

Love | Revolution 150 150 Terry Waggoner

LOVE SHINES THROUGH   Terry Waggoner Love | Revolution (EP) 2014 / 6 tracks / 24 minutes On his second EP, Terry Waggoner pushes the boundaries of modern alt/pop to create…

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