Prayer for the Shattered World

Prayer for the Shattered World

Prayer for the Shattered World 150 150 Cathy Warner

When the shattered world
continues to pierce our hearts
grant us solace in our weeping
and the courage to dream of peace.

When images of mindless violence,
devastation, and injustice bombard
our sensibilities
grant us some small oasis
some tiny refuge of hope
where the wounded are tended
and the broken splinted,
where the weary are refreshed
by love, by beauty,
by the good that still exists
but often lies buried
in the rubble and ruin
we have made of this world.


When bearing witness
threatens to undo us,
let us rope one another to our waists
that we might not step beyond
compassion’s reach
that we might not drown
in hopelessness.

Let us not be undone
by the unconsciousness of fear
and hatred, nor give into despair.
Grant us a glimpse of our
give solace to our fragile egos
and pry the axe of revenge
from our grasp.


Great Ground of Being,
strip us of our identities
and show us the holiness
of simply being.
Whisper in one ear
when seduction whispers
in the other.

Forge our resistance—like Jesus
perched on the citadel may we
resist the temptation to
to cobble a new powerful self
from strife and striving
from war and worry
from discouragement
and demonizing those
who disagree with us.

Bind up this bleeding globe
small as a hazelnut
in your palm and like the saint
set our lips to singing
all manner of truth.

Cathy Warner

Cathy Warner is the author of Burnt Offerings (eLectio 2014). She earned an MFA from Seattle Pacific University and serves as literary editor for Image journal’s online “Good Letters.” A former pastor, Cathy blogs, edits, and leads writing workshops in West Puget Sound.

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