Rise To Set (Haikus)

Rise To Set (Haikus)

Rise To Set (Haikus) 150 150 Emily Simmons

the sky peeks  
 eye open. close.
asleep again.
frosted sun
rises to burn the 
gleaming field. 

extinguished trees 
lie fallen—waiting 
to reignite. 
the day bleeds out, 
staining the sky,
emptying my arms.


Emily Simmons

Hello there. My name is Emily. I am a product of the prairies of Nebraska; equal parts poetry, flowers, and wilderness. My writing has been published in The Aboite Independent, Church Libraries, Taylor University’s literary magazine Parnassus, and the Valentine Midland News.

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  • Lesley-Anne Evans June 13, 2015 at 12:09 am

    I like your expression of opposites, especially the last stanza which also leaves me emptied out, ready for bed. Thank you. Lesley-Anne