Saturday 150 150 Diana Meakem

Between death
and resurrection,
absence howls.

This day’s as empty
as Thursday’s cup.
I know how the Story
ends—still it stretches—

My God, my God, why
have you forsaken us?

From Bethlehem to Bethany,
Nazareth to Capernaeum,
Samaria to Jerusalem,
the story’s set in stained glass,
in the panels lining these wooden walls.

I scan them. Between Golgotha
and empty grave,
not one pane commemorating
the ache of His absence.

In the one I imagine,
the disciples slouch
around broken bread,
each engrossed within
his own emptiness,

what can you say
when the one you love has gone?

Diana Meakem

My work has been published online at,, and’s all stuff you could read on my resume, though. I love traveling, music, and working with children. My favorite color is blue, and I would always, always choose the sea. If I could, I would spend all day outside staring at the sky with a cup of coffee and a novel at arm’s length. I might even let you come with me.

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