“Duco Divina” – Illustrations

“Duco Divina” – Illustrations

1500 1953 Shini Abraham
shini-abrahamArtist: Shini Abraham
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Medium: Illustrations







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Shini Abraham

Shini is an Indian by birth, an American by choice, and a world-citizen by passion. She has lived on 3 continents - following her love for people, cultures and all things diverse. She continues to learn that the best way to communicate good news is to live it, and believes we can thrive - not just limp through life - even in the midst of pain. Shini is also a published author, artist, writer and inspirational speaker. Coming from a family of intellectuals and apologists, and from a culture that notoriously produces doctors, engineers and IT specialists, she is gleefully proud that her book is about contemplative doodling. She calls Colorado home, and is inspired by its majestic mountains, forests and streams. She gladly gives her time to the outdoors, books, people, her husband Rob, and doodling -- not necessarily in that order.

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