Join our family of Christian writers, musicians, and artists! We always have an open submission policy for all art forms pertaining to the Christian faith. We are interested in art of all kinds – written, audio, visual, performing – and prefer pieces that are faith-based, unique, challenging, and inspiring. We accept unpublished and previously published material, as long as you own the copyright. If we accept your work, we will promote it (and you) for free.

Types of work we have published include: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, blogs, bible studies, missions accounts, music (all genres), photography, spoken word, paintings, illustrations, mixed media, video, and more. 

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TERMS AND AGREEMENT: All contributors to ALTARWORK assume responsibility for their content. All submissions must be original, and we cannot be held responsible in any case of plagiarism or copyright infringement. If anything is ever reported as plagiarized or infringed, the content in question will be investigated and, if found to be fraudulent, will be removed. All contributors must own the copyright to their material. We publish both unpublished and previously published material, so long as contributors, not external entities, own the copyright. We reserve ONE-TIME rights to publish any content submitted to us. Contributors may submit material published on elsewhere, so long as the content can remain on without restriction. -- The ALTARWORK Editorial Team

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