How Amazing Is Grace

How Amazing Is Grace 1920 1440 Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros

  How amazing is grace She met me where the tender flesh Bit the sharp sterile paperclip I used to scrape the skin from my wrists How amazing is grace…

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My Childlike Voice Matters

My Childlike Voice Matters 1920 1281 Beth Steigerwalt

Lonely and left out, I mournfully slumped on the tarmac outside the elementary school, pining for a place to belong.  I watched sadly as other students played. The children romped,…

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An Untangling

An Untangling 1624 1218 Cailey Johanna

  Dear God: If I could find you in human form, my tears would water you. If I could hold perfume in an alabaster jar and pour my fears out…

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The Potter, The Clay, And The Stone

The Potter, The Clay, And The Stone 1920 1557 Laura LaSpalutto

The potter sits at his wheel with his ashen hands cupping a squat chunk of clay. It looks unremarkable, giving clues neither to its potential for beauty nor the obstruction…

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Reservations For Guilt Trips

Reservations For Guilt Trips 1920 1200 Karen Friday

“Any fun trips planned this year?” The question scoots around our family gatherings, outings with friends, and the office Keurig. We hope to “o-o-h and a-h-h” our listeners with fascinating…

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Finding Freedom In The Real Treasure

Finding Freedom In The Real Treasure 1920 1280 Eve Harrell

Once upon a time there was a treasure chest.  It was a beautiful treasure chest, lovingly molded by the creator and placed in an inner room.  It had graceful lines…

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Tears In Heaven

Tears In Heaven 2000 1500 Chimeka Garricks

  Editor’s note: This story is inspired by true events from the author’s hometown in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, but is fictitious by nature. It contains mature themes and some strong…

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The Narrow Gate

The Narrow Gate 1920 1706 Chara Donahue

I change the way I once did live, I turn around. To love, to give, a life of gold transcend, now shift, let truth prevail. Behold a life today unveiled.…

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Telling Stories

Telling Stories 1920 1281 Paul Phillips

The storyteller sits, spinning his yarns into fabric. That’s what they call it, isn’t it?  A fabrication? I listen anyway.  Still, as the story goes on, I begin to see…

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In God We Trust

In God We Trust 1920 1415 Laura LaSpalutto

I spent this morning in a room full of pain. It is not a space designed for comfort, physical or otherwise. The wooden benches are hard and the heat is…

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Blessed with Forgiveness and Victory

Blessed with Forgiveness and Victory 1280 960 Gail Davis

[David speaks to hearers and himself] 1How blessed is he whose wrongdoing and rebellion against God is forgiven, whose sin is covered! 2How blessed is the man to whom the…

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What Remains

What Remains 1280 884 Michael Thompson

Each year I try to sum up my annual trip around the sun. In a word or two, I want to catch the essence of what I have experienced. Sometimes…

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