None But Breeze (Freedom Of Recovery)

None But Breeze (Freedom Of Recovery) 150 150 Rory Fry

I feel it coming on the breeze… A wealth of shivers Renews my identity Harsh like a torrent Licking my misery Call it a balm I call it “Anemology” Uncovering…

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Pleas(e) 150 150 Julia Putzke

Love broke through the valley–all closed doors swung wide to my portion & my strength; Oh Jesus, you are here! Please never let your smile leave me sunk in this…

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The Intellectual Laziness Of The Easy Answer

The Intellectual Laziness Of The Easy Answer 150 150 Michael Thompson

A political season for me is on par with buying a used car or getting a root canal. They are all unavoidable necessary evils. And each is a genuine pain…

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A Blanket Proposal

A Blanket Proposal 150 150 Michael Thompson

It wasn’t his best day. Not even close. After a very long obedience in the right direction, he let down his guard, had a bit too much to drink and…

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Heraldry 150 150 Lesley-Anne Evans

Unfurl for the freaks and fresh-from-the-ward whack jobs, for processions of prostitutes, parades of the screwed up. Raise high for unrighteous addicts, and pregnant unwed, for the last that are…

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Singing In The Reign

Singing In The Reign 150 150 Michael Thompson

It was his signature scene. The inimitable Gene Kelly, a wide smile on his face, dancing with his umbrella in a downpour. Singing In The Rain. It is the signature…

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