Striped 1280 853 Prasanta Verma

I choke on dust, wreckage of world, and my crushed bones of existence. Painful agonies—     what breathing soul     is exempt from knowing? While the world continues doubling and…

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Lament of Water

Lament of Water 1920 1285 Lesley-Anne Evans

Snow again this morning after several days of deep freeze. Slow flakes freed from heaven lay down at earth’s feet. So much emptying.     I would love to live…

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The Lost Arts

The Lost Arts 1920 1280 Elizabeth Marshall

I dreamed there was a gathering. The lost arts took a seat. Placed a napkin in the lap. And called the meeting to order. Poetry took two seats. The head…

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Joy & Sorrow Meet

Joy & Sorrow Meet 2000 2000 Weston Skaggs

A Sprawling, Brilliant Gospel Folk Landscape WESTON SKAGGS Joy & Sorrow Meet 13 tracks / 39 minutes 2016 Sprig Music Review by Jason Ramsey By the time the slow drum…

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Child, Child

Child, Child 1920 1280 Mary Sayler

  Child, child, If God didn’t love you, no eyes, no ears would weave into your gut, no heart would arch into the inner soles of your shoes, showing you…

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New Tricks

New Tricks 1920 1280 Sally Clark

The old dog’s once clear eyes, now filled with his clouded destiny; his aged body quickening towards the familiar voice he cannot see, rippling with quiet joy that Love has…

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The Gift Of Hope

The Gift Of Hope 1920 1440 Laura LaSpalutto

This Christmas, I’m asking for the gift of hope. I don’t mean the kind of hope we casually toss about in our everyday conversations. We say “I hope you feel…

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Salvation Found in Scattered Tears

Salvation Found in Scattered Tears 1935 1451 Eve Harrell

Silence greets her like a room of smoke, stifling and heavy. She paces back and forth, her heart beating like an invisible sword cutting through the white noise. Why, why…

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The Struggle To Know Ourselves

The Struggle To Know Ourselves 2048 1365 Brian Niece

Why do so many of us prefer to remain willfully ignorant or at least blissfuly unaware? We develop assumptions. These assumptions, or opinions, are formed over years, through experiences, through…

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Waters of Unending Joy

Waters of Unending Joy 757 634 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

This Sunday is Baptism Sunday, and you have the day off from your usual responsibilities of playing piano and singing, and across three services over 30 people are baptized, but…

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The Joy of Christmas

The Joy of Christmas 1280 960 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Last week I took my son and daughter to the new Peanuts movie. As a purist, and as a reader of the comic strip and viewer of the specials and…

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Giving Thanks – Drawing Attention to God

Giving Thanks – Drawing Attention to God 1280 853 Gail Davis

1Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth. 2Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing. 3Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made…

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