When The Good Things Become Visible

When The Good Things Become Visible 1920 1280 Kaitlin Curtice

M no waben. Mno waben. I held my three year old son in the early morning light, held him in the middle of my room as he stumbled in after…

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The Day Renders Well Her Light To Cast

The Day Renders Well Her Light To Cast 1920 1280 Robert Alan Rife

The day renders well her light to cast, comes, with hopeful glance, her tidings bring – haunting dark, like some unholy past soon yields his woe to this better thing.…

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The Great Paradox

The Great Paradox 1920 1277 Alex R. Encomienda

Withering journeys of spite in the temples by night and by turning these Cusps into holiness; sighs come from deepness and life’s little destinies, Whether of beckoning pleasures or constant…

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Faith and Friction in Munich

Faith and Friction in Munich 1920 1279 Whitney Frahm

Once upon a time in Munich, the locals wanted to build a cathedral, but money was tight. So an architect named Jorg von Halsbach made a deal with the Devil,…

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The First Christmas Light

The First Christmas Light 1920 1280 Sherry Schmied

In the commercialized fog that is American consumerism, we easily forget. We forget that He was the first Christmas light, turned on in a world of rolling darkness. We forget…

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My Soul Cries Out

My Soul Cries Out 1920 1440 Beckie Lindsey

Evidence spills with each sunrise dispelling doubt and fear A promise of restoration says I was made for more Prisoner of self-imposed reprisal Hope evaporates in shadow Darkness swallows the…

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What If My Nerves Were Singing

What If My Nerves Were Singing 2509 1672 Chris Anderson

There are stages in the spiritual life. In the beginning, in the stage of Conversion, there are piercing insights and frequent joy. Everything makes sense. We have changed our lives…

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Schism Prism

Schism Prism 1920 1440 Amanda N. Butler

The path to the right – the soil is embossed with roots – the other, a heartened roundabout; I am told I cannot take both at once. Which path is…

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Away From The Light

Away From The Light 1920 960 Paul Phillips

The choral professor sat on the stool in the music store, one afternoon decades ago, choosing his words with care. “I teach on a campus filled with light. Where is…

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BLESSED BY TRIALS – James 1:12-27

BLESSED BY TRIALS – James 1:12-27 6002 4800 Gail Davis

Introduction In the last Bible study that covered James 1:1-11, James taught his hearers and later readers three things. He told his hearers to consider trials joy because they produced…

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The darkness of the season

The darkness of the season 1280 851 JJ Landis

October falls into our lives every year. People bemoan the end of summer. “October already!” they say. “I can’t believe it. Where did summer go?” We are repeatedly amazed that…

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Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty 1920 1285 Michael Thompson

Sticks. That’s really all they were. Whether unused lumber from a construction site or broken branches from a tree, they were discarded scraps of wood deemed unfit for use. Nothing but waste. Refuse. Junk. Fuel to…

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