Morning Liturgy

Morning Liturgy 150 150 Daniel Baker

Good morning again,​ child of God.​ Belov’d of the Father,​ as in the Son.​ Wholly lived in holy hope,​ weariness undone.​ Unfinished, re-created,​ crushed, crashed-crimson,​ affliction abated.​ Sustained assuagement,​ inspirited…

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Life Must Be Lived

Life Must Be Lived 150 150 JJ Landis

I found our kitty curled up sound asleep, nestled in a pile of blankets on the bed early this morning. So I let her be, and the bed remained unmade.…

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These Tired Eyes

These Tired Eyes 150 150 Sherry Schmied

  You are the raised hand to shield sunrise from tired eyes A shade from summer and cold water on my tongue a mighty welcome whirl of morning to a…

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