Nathaniel Hansen

At the Waterpark

At the Waterpark 1920 1276 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

I could be substituting “you” for “I,” but it is more important that I use “I” with confidence, with boldness. Sunday night, my church hosted a free evening at one…

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Wedding Music

Wedding Music 2000 1333 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

It’s the end of May, and the wedding season is well upon us. Whenever I attend a wedding, my attention veers to the music more than any other element. You…

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Being Humbled

Being Humbled 1920 1281 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

It has been 2½ weeks since you last played the piano. It has been 2½ weeks since you’ve begun doing as little as possible with your aching right arm. You’re…

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Faith, Writing, & People

Faith, Writing, & People 1920 1183 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Four weeks ago, I was with some of my best writer and editor friends and acquaintances at the Festival of Faith & Writing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My main responsibility…

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Forced Rest

Forced Rest 1920 1280 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Writing this out is difficult, the pain sharp in your right forearm and near your elbow. You are wearing a black brace. Your arms are extended to lessen the pain,…

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Confronting Jealousy

Confronting Jealousy 1920 1079 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

You have to write about this in second person. You can’t accumulate the courage to say I. You are grateful that you can write about this in such a way,…

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Learning to Rest

Learning to Rest 1920 1280 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

You wouldn’t consider yourself someone who was a workaholic. As a newlywed, you were not necessarily lazy, but you most definitely were not as focused as you could have been.…

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Confession(s) and Creative Nonfiction

Confession(s) and Creative Nonfiction 1024 682 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

“You stir man to take pleasure in praising you, because you made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” * I first read St.…

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Waters of Unending Joy

Waters of Unending Joy 757 634 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

This Sunday is Baptism Sunday, and you have the day off from your usual responsibilities of playing piano and singing, and across three services over 30 people are baptized, but…

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13 Ways of Looking Like an Introvert

13 Ways of Looking Like an Introvert 1280 853 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

I. You’re an only child. You’ve loved to read ever since you can remember. You’ve daydreamed and pondered ever since you can remember. Your teachers in elementary and high school…

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Playing Freely

Playing Freely 1280 847 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Over these past months while you’ve been wielding a sledgehammer to smash the seven-story idol you made to Words of Affirmation (particularly in the context of playing in the worship…

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Project Worth

Project Worth 1280 989 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

As far back as you can remember, you have always been driven to create and maintain various ongoing “projects.” It’s a product, partly, of your Type-A personality. To be sure,…

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