Weep With Me, O Lord

Weep With Me, O Lord 1920 1281 Caroline Bardwell

My Lord, I am battered, my spirit is bruised, my weary heart shattered, my energy used. Your child is stuck struggling to manage her grief; so desperate for love and…

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Grace Enough for All

Grace Enough for All 1920 1281 Gayl Wright

My fists are tightly closed facing downwards I open my hands a symbol of letting go saying goodbye to things that cause me stress that want me to despair that…

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Healing The Wounded Inner Child

Healing The Wounded Inner Child 800 559 Catherine Lawton

You waited while I caught up with you, child in me; Till I could see what you could see and set you free. You waited with courage and watched with…

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Striped 1280 853 Prasanta Verma

I choke on dust, wreckage of world, and my crushed bones of existence. Painful agonies—     what breathing soul     is exempt from knowing? While the world continues doubling and…

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Let Me Put It This Way

Let Me Put It This Way 150 150 Elizabeth Marshall

The fetal position was an option Always But so was one foot in front of the other If you read this, say, 50 years from now You should know There…

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The Weight Of Your Pain

The Weight Of Your Pain 150 150 Melinda VanRy

People. Pain. It’s impossible to be around people and not brush up against someone’s pain. Who among us has never been weighted down by chains of pain, wrapped around us,…

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Hello…Goodbye. 150 150 Heather Bailey

Hello…Goodbye… Sweet little Aubree Lyn, I have spent hours trying to come up with words that will exemplify just how special you are. How do we say hello and goodbye…

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Antidote to Pain

Antidote to Pain 150 150 Sarah Rennicke

The antidote to pain… …is praise. Slow learner that I am, my heart has soaked in a solitary sadness that fastened steel fingers around its flesh. To dwell upon the…

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A Fortunate Poverty

A Fortunate Poverty 150 150 Stephanie DiMaria

This is not the grace I was looking for, This nibbly bit of blessing, Dragging me through one more day, But just barely — Like the painful frustration Of brushing out every tangled…

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In God We Trust

In God We Trust 150 150 Laura LaSpalutto

I spent this morning in a room full of pain. It is not a space designed for comfort, physical or otherwise. The wooden benches are hard and the heat is…

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Slipping Silently

Slipping Silently 150 150 Becky Hastings

We often think of drowning as a loud, splashy affair. That’s where we’re wrong. Drowning often happens without a single sound or a cry for help. I haven’t gone to…

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Mentally Ill

Mentally Ill 150 150 Tammy Perlmutter

I’m meeting Alyssa for the first time. She is a First Access counselor for Behavioral Health and she is facilitating my intake. She calls me in and asks me some…

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