The Journey Of Psalms

The Journey Of Psalms

The Journey Of Psalms 150 150 Mary Langer Thompson

Together, we move from

Admonition to affirmation
Bitterness to beatitude
Challenge to choice
Duty to delight
Education to equilibrium
Faithlessness to fidelity
Guilt to gratitude
Hope to hesed
Iniquity to integrity
Judgment to joy
Kinship to kingdom
Law to love
Mediocrity to majesty
Naivete to newness
Obedience to openness
Piety to praise
Questing to quintessence
Retribution to release
Sighing to singing
Teaching to thanksgiving
Unwillingness to understanding
Vindictiveness to vindication
Whirlwind to wholeness
Xenophobia to xenodochy
Yearning to YHWH
Zealousness to Zion

And, in between, the long, hard struggle.


Mary Langer Thompson

Mary Langer Thompson’s poetry appears in various journals and anthologies. She is a contributor to The Working Poet (Autumn Press) and Women and Poetry: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing by Successful Women Poets (McFarland). She is a former school principal with an Ed.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles and was Senior Poet Laureate of California for 2012-2013. She lives with her husband Dave in Apple Valley, California.

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