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Yo, Moses, 
lean in for a selfie.
You’ll never see
another fire like this one.
#bush #enigmatic 

Shine those sandals 
and hear that beat. 
#promise  #desert 5k 
Catch some rays 
and wade right in. 
#seaside #red 
Forty all-nighters  
getting those laws right. 
#tablets #Sinai 
Listen to wind hope 
and trudge on. 
#covenant #manna 

Rosanne Osborne

An English professor, Methodist pastor, clarinetist, and poet, Rosanne Osborne holds the Ph.D. in English from the University of Alabama, the MFA from Spalding University, and the M.R.E. and MDiv from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She grew up in Missouri but has lived most of her adult life in Louisiana. Her work has appeared in Tar River Poetry, Alabama Review, Christian Century, Ruminate, Thema, Penwood Review, and The Village Pariah.

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