Weep With Me, O Lord

Weep With Me, O Lord

Weep With Me, O Lord 1920 1281 Caroline Bardwell

My Lord, I am battered, my spirit is bruised,
my weary heart shattered, my energy used.
Your child is stuck struggling to manage her grief;
so desperate for love and some sense of relief.
No matter the number of tears these eyes cry,
more press in each year that I cannot deny.
Believing Your heart breaks in pieces like mine
to see so much pain multiply like a vine.
Though the state of my soul is forever intact –
in You I’m made whole, the result of our pact –
I need some comfort for the sorrow I shoulder,
the fallout I feel from the battles I soldier.
Weep with me, O Lord, and together we’ll mourn
the sins of this world; praising God You were born.


Caroline Bardwell

Caroline is a native of Schenectady, NY, where she works as an environmental geologist. After a period of deep spiritual transformation, she began writing poetry and reading at local poetry events. She enjoys pairing her original landscape photography with her poetry, which explores universal themes from the human experience, the natural world and faith. Poems have been published or will be published in The Society of Classical Poets, Ancient Paths, 50 Haikus, Westward Quarterly, The Faithful Creative, Up the River Journal, and Faith Hope and Fiction.

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