Wild God

Wild God

Wild God 3872 2592 Lesley-Anne Evans

Crack me through, wild God,
break preconceptions,
reset bent bones to walk
straight. Take ugliness,
shimmer it metallic,
sculpt broken bits,
tattoo indelible this body
temple of great price.

Press me hard, wild God,
straighten fingers curling
life in a needy clutch. Take
my feet out, lay me
down, weighted. Burn
lips with flesh words,
conform blistered whispers
into shouts of joy spirit.

Metamorphosize me, God,
shed me like a snake, birth me
raw, responsive, bones shaped
for bending.  Reacquaint
this wintered ground
with gossamer dawn. Fill me
with God scent, spirit favour,
something good.

Lesley-Anne Evans

Lesley-Anne has the heart of a mystic. Not surprising as she is Belfast, Northern Ireland born, and such landscapes continue to feed her soul. Lesley-Anne spent her early career days as a Landscape Architect in Toronto, Ontario, designing gardens and theme parks, then retired from consulting in 1993 and moved west to Kelowna, British Columbia, where the wild things are. Lesley-Anne’s poetry is published in The Antigonish Review, Contemporary Verse 2, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, and many others.

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